Isle of Man Early Bands 1960's & 1970's - Photo Gallery - Page 2

Black Mass at the Douglas Head 1976 Compilation
Dave Mather - Phil Bottomley - Pete Osler
​Dave Welsh

Black Mass - Douglas carnival 1974.
Dave Mather, Pete Osler, Pete Brocklehurst (roadie extraordinaire)

Tony (Flash) Howell, Dave Welsh.

The Vampires Leaving Ronaldsway to play at Liverpool University : from the bottom up : Trevor Ball, Dave Mather, Mickey Sharp, Colin Harrison, and Stan Hughes

A Selection of Black Mass Promotional Posters

The Vampires' playing at Douglas Holiday Camp in 1964.
Left: Colin Harrison, behind him Mickey Sharp, Dave Mather, Stan Hughes, Trevor Ball

The Bee Gees : The Isle of Man's Most Famous Group

Tommy & The Secrets with Dave Welsh on Bass Guitar, Richard Turner on Drums, Kenny Thomlinson on Vocals, Mogs Morgan on Guitar. No exact date, but early 1960's

The Black Arrows 1963. Dave Welsh, Dickie Caine, Kenny Thomlinson, Norman Spencer, Tony Howel.

The Falcons at the Villa Marina 1960. 
Left to Right : Pete Hannah, Ken Radcliffe,
Ean Convery, Joe Gallagher, Bernie May.

The Blue Beats - Late 1970's
Featuring: Paul Kennaugh, Lawrence Christian, 
Howard Grundey & Peter Harrison.

Thanks to Tony Howell {Flash} for this poster from Palace Entertainments 1962 Season​​
Note ''Cliff Townsend'' in Ronnie Aldrich  & The Squadronaires
Cliff Townsend is the Father of  ''Pete Townsend of the Who''

Thanks to Pete Osler for the Palace Lido Posters and Black Mass Posters below, it was amazing the groups
that played on the Island in the 1970's

These are the old ads from The Examiner for the Lido Sunday
concerts.. these are for 1974.. a few big names there !

This one is for 1975, Thin Lizzy. We got to chat with quite a few of the band members. It was a great to do ! We can tell a few stories from those gigs !

Here's an ad for the old Bier Keller at the Peveril Hotel for BM and Alcatrazz - and pretty damn cheap for a night out ! Not sure which year, I think around 1975. Plus a Poster for Douglas Head and Black Mass after it was refurbished, we think around 1976. 25p on Saturdays and a whopping 35p on Fridays ! Just goes to show that Friday nights were the best !

Photos Wanted !

Hi Folks, If anyone has anything interesting of the early Manx Rock 'n' Roll days, photos, etc.
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